Healthy Yorkie puppies for sale will all have certain characteristics that make them good selections for your new puppy. A Yorkie puppy that appears ill or is not behaving in the same manner as the other Yorkie puppies in the litter may be ill, have temperament issues that may make them more difficult to train.  Pomeranian puppies for sale USA

Since toy breeds such as the Yorkie are more prone to many different health conditions as they age, selecting and screening for the healthiest of the Yorkie puppies for sale is critical. This is particularly important with teacup Yorkies, but is also relevant to a standard sized Yorkie puppy.

A Yorkie breeder that is concerned about the future of the breed will never knowingly sell an unhealthy Yorkie puppy or one that has a genetic condition that will affect the puppies health now or later in life. Since most reputable breeders will always test the dam and sire, there is usually little chance of genetic conditions occurring later on in the puppies life, however the Yorkie breeder will also offer a health guarantee that will cover may of these potential conditions.

The following are typical signs of Yorkie puppies for sale that are healthy and reading to head out to a new home:

The Yorkie puppies for sale should be active and mobile, especially if they are slightly older at the 10 or more week mark. Even the eight week old Yorkie puppies will be actively playing and exploring their area, unless you are seeing them right after being exercised or feeding.

A Yorkie puppy at 8 weeks or more should be well coordinated when walking over a flat, level surface but may still have trouble on uneven ground or over new types of surfaces. The puppy should not appear to be uncoordinated or unaware of what is going on the environment, this can be a sign of a neurological problem or even a sign of a vision or hearing problem.