To dispose of real estate is a one of the major tasks that one has to carry with due responsibility. Of all the real estate assets, land is usually the most valuable. Land plots have always been objects of purchase, sale or bargain. The number of transactions with land plots is huge and still growing on a daily basis throughout the nation. One of the dominant factors here is the rising price of land plots in the capital and suburbs. Baugrund verkaufen

People do tend to retain their land ownership viewing it as security that can be a valuable part of a diversified array of retirement asset. They don’t even want to face the inconvenience of dealing with rental contracts including establishing and collecting rents, repair and maintenance, and the liability exposure. Some are fearful that land values (rents) will fall and real estate taxes will increase, leaving them with less and less income. Others fear land values will rise and increase their estate taxes.

If you decide to sell your land and/or building there are several ways to accomplish this.

  • Sell it for cash:
  • Sell it on a contract for deed:
  • Sell your land piecemeal:
  • Consider a tax-free exchange: